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Fredrik Havstein

CEO / Location Manager

+47 468 87 526

Our Team

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Ingrid Apall

Project Leader

+47 476 02 804

FTE Locations

About us

FTE Locations is the only location company in the market that provides a comprehensive 3D viewing experience through our catalog. Based on the brief provided by the producer/director, we present proposals using our proprietary software specifically tailored for the film industry. We consistently invest significant resources to independently build and expand our catalog, allowing us to promptly deliver on requests.

We offer a comprehensive range of location services, assisting production companies with location scouting, management, and services. Our objective is to provide swift and cost-effective results by operating within a vast network and utilizing modern technology to document and present locations.

Distinguishing ourselves from others in the industry, we have developed proprietary software for location presentations and maintain an extensive 3D property - catalog with of over 300 properties. This does not only save valuable time and money for our clients, but also enables us to deliver multiple locations within shorter timeframes and increase our overall capacity.

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Marius Vesten

Project Leader

+47 474 57 825

Jan Marcinek

Location Assistant & Scout

+47 400 53 419

Stian Sandberg

Location Scout & PA

+47 911 21 593

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