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What are we looking for?

We continuously update our location catalog with all types of properties. We are interested in everything from pristine, spacious villas to smaller basement apartments with a lot of character. Many people may think that their property is not suitable for filming, but it could be precisely what we are looking for in several productions.

If you have a house or apartment with a strong personality, we encourage you to fill out our form. By "strong personality," we mean unique layouts, walls painted in distinct colors, or exceptional interior design.

How to take the photos:

1. We would like to have a variety of photos. Please refer to point 4 for the specific areas we would like pictures of.

2. Take clear and comprehensive photos, preferably using a wide-angle lens. This will allow us to see as much of the room as possible and gain a proper understanding of the space.

3. Take the photos at approximately 1 meter height. Try to avoid tilting the camera or mobile device downwards or upwards, as this can distort parts of the image.

4. We would appreciate photos of the following areas:

- Property exterior/front
- Entrance/foyer
- Living room
- Kitchen
- Garden/outdoor space
- Bedroom/basement/any unique or interesting rooms

Feel free to include photos highlighting any distinctive features or characteristics of the house/property as well!


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